Friday, 24 August 2007

Count Down - 3 weeks to go

After counting the months to my departure, I'm now counting the weeks, and getting really excited.
I've just returned from my final pre-departure VSO training session, held at Harborne Hall in Birmingham.
This is the training I've had so far-
4 days 0f 'Preparing to volunteer' + Introduction to Development, back in April
3 days of motor cycle training
5 days of 'Skills for Working in Development' (nicknamed SKWID)
2 days of 'Organisation Development'
The training sessions are really thorough and intensive, so I'm feeling pretty saturated with it all and looking forward to putting it all into practice. I am particularly pleased because I met 3 guys who are also going to Ghana as volunteers, Hugh, Richard and Marco, who I will next meet at Heathrow on Sept 16.

So what am I going for????
My post is called 'Community Advocacy Support Officer', with the aim of 'improving community involvement in education'. It means helping to set up Parent-Teacher Associations, and school management committees, and encouraging local organisations to become involved in the schools. I'm going to be based in Bolgatanga, the regional capital of the Upper East Region. I don't know where my office will be,or where I will be living.
More than this, I don't know, but will soon find out. Watch this space!!!!

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