Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Count Down - 4 days to go

Departure date is approaching fast. I leave Bristol on Saturday, to have one last night with my family before going to Heathrow on Sunday where I expect to meet up with a whole group of other volunteers also going out to Ghana.
The last few weeks have been hectic. I left work last Friday, after handing over all my work to my replacement, Clair. A meal out with colleagues and a party at home with friends - I'm being given a really warm send off. All I have to do this week is pack, (and re-pack), sort out the garden and allotment, get my hair cut and coloured (purple or pink?), paint my toe nails and then I'm ready.
I heard last night that I will be in a large 4 bedroom house, sharing with 2 other VSO volunteers, in Bolga. No info about furniture ..... We start with 10 days in Accra, for in-country orientation, culture, language etc, before going to our placements.
All very exciting

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